Canada’s logging industry is seeking a wildfire ‘hero’ narrative

By Stefan Labbé
Vancouver is Awesome
April 23, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

On a rainy Friday this month, industry executives and government officials were sitting on the fourth floor of a Vancouver casino hotel. From the stage, a pitch for the future of forestry was on repeat: what if logging companies could be the heroes who saved British Columbia from wildfires? …David Coletto, head of the market research firm Abacus Data, presented the results from a poll he designed with COFI. After Canada’s most destructive wildfire season on record, the results suggested the B.C. public was ready to accept a narrative that the forestry industry could act as a saviour. …Jamie Stephen, the managing director of the energy and resources consulting firm TorchLight Bioresources, put it another way. “Counterintuitively, if governments and the public want forestry to contribute to climate mitigation in Canada, we have to harvest more, not less,” he said.

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