Canadian contingency attends NAWLA in Louisville, Kentucky

By John Langstroth, Senior Vice President, San Group
The San Group
November 14, 2021
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

It was indeed a privilege for our Canadian companies to be back with our American and global colleagues. There were many smiles, embraces and the sound of joy in the air after being apart. Far and wide, the consensus was to support one another and strongly emerge from the widespread effects of the pandemic. Great discussions centered on our collective responsibility to positively portray the forestry industry, our commitment to support First Nation’s, continue to highlight the many ecological benefits of harvesting along with replanting and to not diminish the value of the many Canadian families supported by this great industry. By the end we were all exhausted, but very satisfied with the effort to attend. 

Companies pictured are BP Wood, J.H. Huscroft, San Group, The Sundher Group, and Teal-Jones. Canadian companies also attending but not available for the photo were BC Wood and Weston Forest.

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