Canadian plywood makers seek duties as cheap Chinese rivals carve out half the market

By Darryl Greer
The Canadian Press in The Chronicle Journal
May 14, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada

The president of the Canadian Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association, Carlos Zarate, warns of an industry in decline, but not due to falling demand for things like kitchen cabinets, decorative wood panels, furniture, and other non-structural wood products. Zarate said the association’s members have seen their market share in Canada drop because they are unable to compete with plywood products imported from China at prices domestic producers could never hope to match, let alone beat. The industry wants duties imposed on Chinese exporters, who they say enjoy unfair advantages such as heavy government subsidies and access to illegally harvested wood, flooding global markets with cheap goods that drastically undercut competitors. …Canadian labour standards and wages are much higher compared to China, Jeff Bromley, chair of the United Steelworkers’ Wood Council said, and cheaply produced decorative plywood products imported into Canada are “harming Canadian jobs.”

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