Canadians urged to reduce carbon footprint with new tracker

By Stefan Labbé
Coast Reporter
January 25, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: Canada

Canadians worried about their carbon footprint now have access to a new app that tracks and helps reduce how much carbon dioxide they emit as they go about their day. Developed by a Canadian tech company for the national non-profit Tree Canada, the free “Carbon Tracker app” allows Canadians to break down the environmental footprint of things like a daily commute, diet choices, energy use, and air travel “People sometimes need help to know where to start to make changes,” said Robert Henri for Tree Canada. …You can either manually input or turn on tracking so the app records your trips throughout the day. At night, you can then tag your trips with the kind of transportation you used. The app then calculates a net carbon output for the day, which you can compare with the Canadian average.

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