After series of closures, Canfor announces plan build new $200M sawmill in B.C.

By Nelson Bennett
Business in Vancouver
September 14, 2023
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, United States

When a B.C. forestry giant like Canfor Corp. announces it plans to spend $200 million to build a new sawmill in Houston, British Columbians can be forgiven for thinking the company means Houston, Texas. After all, most of the new mills companies like Canfor and West Fraser have bought over the past decade have been in the U.S. south, which now has more available timber than B.C. does. But the new lumber mill Canfor plans to build is in Houston, B.C. It will be a rebuild of the existing lumber mill there that it is in the process of shuttering. …The news of the new sawmill was welcomed by the B.C. government, which has otherwise governed at a time when there has been a steady stream of announced sawmill and pulp mill closures in B.C. 

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