Canfor’s decision to not invest in Houston: a political move or economics?

By Scott Lunny and Jeff Bromley
United Steelworkers
May 15, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Canfor announced it was reneging on the corporation’s commitment to rebuild sawmill operations in Houston, BC. Canfor also announced the indefinite closure of Polar Sawmill in Bear Lake, BC, was now permanent and closed a line at its Northwood Pulp operations in Prince George, BC. …Canfor cites “access to economically available fibre”… But reneging on the Houston rebuild—just eight months after Canfor promised workers in Houston, BC, a $200 million investment in “a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility–it’s fair for workers to ask Canfor for some answers. …It’s the same old story: companies run flat out when prices are high and then invest south of the border when prices fall. …But in the short term, it’s time for the provincial government to invite Canfor into a room, along with labour, First Nations and the communities, and fix this. And if Canfor won’t do that, let’s find someone who will.

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