Caribou herds and habitat continue to decline, federal report says

By Rob Weber
Canadian Press in the Toronto Star
October 31, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Canada’s woodland caribou herds and the habitat they need continue to decline five years after the provinces agreed to develop strategies to preserve them, a federal study has concluded. And all provinces and territories are on a six-month deadline to lay out plans showing how they will keep the animal that’s featured on the back of the quarter on the land. They have already missed one deadline. “A number of provinces and territories have taken action,” said Liberal MP Jonathan Wilkinson, parliamentary secretary to the environment minister. …But a forestry industry representative said not enough is known about the changing boreal forest to make rules on how much needs to be saved for caribou. “We can’t be cutting corners to the point where it might be doing nothing for caribou and putting thousands of people out of work,” said Derek Nighbor of the Forest Products Association of Canada. 

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