Caribou plans need to consider complex science, Forest Products Association of Canada urges

By Maria Church
Wood Business
October 20, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

Derek Nighbor

Caribou protection plans must factor in more comprehensive science or run the risk of being ineffectual and putting thousands of forest sector workers out of the job, warns the Forest Products Association of Canada. “We ask that the decision makers not jump to conclusions with partial science. If you start shutting down mills you are putting families at risk and it’s not certain you’re addressing the caribou problem,” said FPAC CEO Derek Nighbor …”Before we start jumping to the conclusion that industrial activity is the reason this is happening, we need better and more comprehensive science to prove that point. With our website,, we’ve been very clear in saying the federal government did a lot of good research five years ago, but… they did not look at climate change, which affects nutrition conditions. We know there are caribou populations declining in the far North and in the eastern part of Quebec and Labrador where there is no industrial activity.”

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