Catalyst mill in Crofton fined $25,500 for discharging waste water into ocean

By Robert Barron
Nanaimo News Bulletin
January 19, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Crofton’s Catalyst mill has been fined $25,500 by the province for two instances in which more than one million litres of waste water was discharged into the ocean in 2021. …This discharge was due to a failed expansion joint associated with one of the pumps responsible for conveying the effluent from a bleach tank through a heat exchanger. Catalyst submitted that it was not possible to have predicted the expansion joint failure [and] that it did not cause the discharge and said it was its tenant, Mosaic Forest Management, that caused the discharge. …“I find that Catalyst has failed to provide any evidence to support these assertions and I attribute little weight to them,” the ministry’s report said. “I find that Catalyst, and Catalyst alone, has all of the rights, obligations, and liabilities under its permit. …While Mosaic’s operations may have possibly contributed to the discharge, I find that Catalyst was ultimately responsible for meeting all permit requirements.”

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