CHAR Tech Announces Production Run of 500 Tonnes of Pelletized Biocarbon at Thorold Facility

By CHAR Technologies Ltd.
Globe Newswire
May 28, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada East

TORONTO — CHAR Technologies (CHAR Tech) announced the imminent commencement of a production run of 500 tonnes of pelletized biocarbon. The pelletized biocarbon is destined for use at various heavy industrial facilities, including ArcelorMittal sites. The production run is an important milestone in the ongoing commercial upgrades at CHAR Tech’s Thorold facility. Pelletization, also known as densification, is essential for creating a biocarbon that can be utilized as a drop-in replacement for fossil coal. Achieving proper pellet size and density are crucial for its use in heavy industrial applications, including steelmaking and mining, as well as for ensuring effective transportation, handling, and weather resilience. …CHAR Tech first-in-kind high temperature pyrolysis technology processes unmerchantable wood and organic wastes to generate renewable natural gas and a solid biocoal that is a carbon neutral replacement for metallurgical steel making coal.

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