Chile arrests firefighter for blaze that killed 137

By Dearbail Jordan
BBC News
May 24, 2024
Category: Forest Fires
Region: International

Chilean authorities have arrested a firefighter and a forestry worker on suspicion of starting the fire which killed at least 137 people in February. One of the men was employed by the National Forestry Corporation which is responsible for fighting forest fires, police director Eduardo Cerna said. The suspects have been remanded in custody, charged with arson resulting in death. The fire – was country’s deadliest – devastated the Valparaíso region, which is more than 122km (75 miles) from Chile’s capital, Santiago. …Officials allege that several fires were started simultaneously, after which high temperatures and wind caused the flames to spread. More than 16,000 people were affected by the fire which destroyed homes and devastated the region, which is home to Vina del Mar, a popular holiday destination.

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