China – Open for Business

By Paul Newman, Executive Director of Canada Wood Group/COFI
Canada Wood Group in LinkedIn
April 3, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Earlier this month, after four years out of the market, I returned to China. …Over the course of the week I had some very informative meetings with a number of key technical building contacts and institutions. We also participated in a workshop with the Chinese Academy of Forestry. It was obvious that the Chinese were eager for engagement and wanted more interaction with foreign stakeholders. …It was clear that these organizations are sophisticated and in some respects ahead of Canada in many work areas – carbon reduction, conformity assessment and anticipating global over-the-horizon procurement requirements. …Canadian entities and companies should include China in their travel plans. Tensions between China and western nations are real but China remains an engine of global manufacturing and a massive buyer. The USA, New Zealand and Australia are working to shore up their China linkages. …I suggest Canadian forest companies and government get back to China. You will be made welcome there. 

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