China reported moving shipping containers to U.S. logging sites

Karl Forth
Woodworking Network
November 7, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States

China is reportedly moving shipping containers directly to logging sites in the United States, which itself is not good as they will be removing logs from an already tight log market. According to sources confirmed by Gene Wengert, the Wood Doctor, Chinese buyers are paying 50 percent more than the typical sawmill price for logs. They are paying the equivalent of $900 per 1000 bf, which means the wood will be very expensive when they saw it. The species they want are red oak, white oak, hickory and cherry. They have markets that will pay this high price. This, overall, will increase lumber prices within our country due to shortage of logs, Wengert said. …It will also make U.S. exports more expensive and imports from China of non-U.S. woods more competitive.

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