Clearcutting near Blue River may be ‘shocking’ but officials say its necessary for 2 important reasons

By Ryan Spencer
Summit Daily News
July 6, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

More than a decade after it was approved, a forest health and wildfire fuels mitigation project near Breckenridge and Blue River is turning some heads. The White River National Forest gave final approval to the project in 2011, but the most recent phase of clearcutting to establish fuel breaks has raised some questions from residents. “I’m hearing all about it,” Blue River Town Manager Michelle Eddy said. “It’s definitely a bit more visible. But it’s one of those things — we know it will all grow in.” …The Blue River West Hazardous Fuels Project is a 121-acre fuel break located near Blue River, just west of and paralleling Colorado Highway 9. …Eddy said she has lived in regions with wildfire mitigation projects for years. Having experienced evacuations two times — and receiving many evacuation alerts other times — she said she understands the importance of these projects and uses them as an opportunity to educate residents.

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