Use caution when considering the urban tree canopy

By Ryan Senechal, Arborist
Victoria Times Colonist
January 13, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Ryan Senechal

The analysis mentioned in the Dec. 29 commentary “Density can mean more homes, more trees, more parks” highlights how simplistic urban forest measurements can lead us all astray. …For the 60 soccer field (111 acre) urban forest canopy area increase referenced to illustrate the sustainability of development in Victoria, the devil is in the details. …City of Victoria requested and received third-party technical reports that measured urban forest canopy change over two sample periods. …Those details include numerous measurements which should give an urban forest manager reason to pause pending the analysis of future sample periods. …The hyper-local distributional benefits delivered through urban trees are persuasively illustrated in research, so much so that in 2023 the Biden government signed into law $1.5 billion in funding for U.S. urban and community forestry initiatives that are equitably focused.

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