Community Forest uploads response

By Dave Lasser, Sunshine Coast Community Forest
Sunshine Coast Reporter
November 16, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Dave Lasser

All forest licensees in B.C. have to go through a rigorous and complex process to obtain permission to harvest trees on public land in B.C.  The Community Forest is no different. It is a slow process to review and implement all of the applicable laws, regulations and requirements set by government, First Nations, utilities, etc., for each cutblock. We must meet the same requirements that the largest licensees must meet. There is a significant amount of consultation with the Sechelt Band. We have worked hard over the years to maintain a respectful and good working relationship with the Sechelt Band. …We hope when the public reviews the information on our website, they will better understand and appreciate the processes involved. 

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