Congratulations to Kelly Kitsch on her Appointment to Chair of the Forest Professionals British Columbia

City of Mission
March 6, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada West

Kelly Kitsch

The City of Mission would like to congratulate Kelly Kitsch on her recent appointment to Chair of the Forest Professionals British Columbia. Kelly has served as a dedicated Registered Forest Technologist at the City of Mission for over 25 years and, among her many duties within the department, she leads the silviculture program that sees the planting of over 80,000 trees in the Mission Municipal Forest every year. She talked about the trees of the Municipal Forest in a recent video series. In the following interview, she shared her insights on forestry, climate change, sustainability, and the future of the industry. “Now, more than ever, our forests require oversight and management to make them resilient to our changing climate, to protect our communities from wildfire, as well as to ensure they meet the needs of society in a multitude of ways,” Kitsch said in the interview.

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