Court judgment gives Canada, Ontario 60 days to pay out $10B treaty settlement

By James Hopkin
Timmins Today
February 28, 2024
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

The $10-billion settlement awarded to Robinson Huron Treaty annuitants for past compensation is slated to be distributed to 21 First Nations included in the treaty in the coming weeks. A partial judgment by Ontario Superior Court Justice Geoffrey Morawetz was granted Feb. 26. That means both Canada and Ontario have a period of 60 days to pay out $5-billion each in accordance with the settlement agreement. …The Robinson Huron Litigation Fund said “It is the largest First Nations’ settlement in the history of the country. It resolves an aspect of a grievance that has been outstanding for 150 years and it sets the stage for renewal of the relationship going forward.” The settlement provides past compensation to Robinson Huron Treaty beneficiaries after not seeing an increase to annual treaty payments for a period of nearly 150 years, as wealth generated in the territory through resource revenues from the mining, forestry and fishing sectors continued to grow.

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