Dave Peterson to address urgent wildfire concerns at Truck Loggers

Forest Enhancement Society of BC
January 11, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Dave Peterson

In a bid to highlight and address the challenges posed by escalating wildfire frequency in British Columbia, Dave Peterson, Board Chair of the Forest Enhancement Society of BC (FESBC), will be part of a panel at the Truck Loggers Association (TLA) Convention exploring the crucial question: “With B.C.’s escalating wildfire frequency in recent years, is it imperative to ask if we can be doing better at risk mitigating and identify the requirements to make that happen?” …Expressing his anticipation for the event, Peterson emphasized the urgency of reassessing and enhancing current wildfire management strategies. …“My focus will be on describing the unique role of FESBC in risk reduction.” …Peterson will also be highlighting FESBC’s ongoing efforts to navigate the intricate relationship between climate change, fire intensity, and the evolving human connection with forests.

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