David Suzuki: Government inaction, industry tactics increase caribou risks

By David Suzuki
The Georgia Straight
October 24, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada

October 5 came and went, and Canada’s boreal woodland caribou are still in trouble. That was the deadline the federal government gave provinces and territories five years ago to come up with caribou range plans for the iconic animals. Not one met the deadline. Why should we care about caribou? Beyond the fact that we should care about all animals that play important roles in the ecological makeup of this “super natural” country, caribou are indicators of forest health.   …In response to the obvious need for immediate action to protect and restore caribou habitat to reverse the creatures’ decline across the country, the Forest Products Association of Canada has done its part to stall the necessary changes. …Caribou don’t have time to wait, and the science is clear.

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