Debate on Vancouver Island’s old growth forests must be based on facts, not emotions

By Mike Larock, RPF, and Megan Hanacek, RPF, RPBio
North Island Gazette
October 27, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Mike Larock

Megan Hanacek

…The state of old growth forests on Vancouver Island resurfaced in the news recently with the announcement that a pair of environmental activist groups plan to reprise a tour of Vancouver Island communities to talk about preserving the Island’s old growth forests. The difficulty with any conversation about old growth forests begins with the definition. As anyone who attended the same environmental group’s meetings in March quickly discovered, definitions of what constitutes “old growth” were mushy and malleable depending on who was speaking. This lack of a clear definition of what constitutes “old growth” then leads to incorrect numbers and assumptions about the amount of old growth forests on Vancouver Island that are just plain wrong.

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