Debris wood put to good use across local forests

By Ron Seymour
Penticton Herald
January 26, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Wood leftover from Okanagan forestry operations that would once have been burned is now being put to productive use, the Forest Enhancement Society of B.C. says. Sixty-six innovative projects undertaken around the province in the past year at a cost of almost $50 million have generated an environmental benefit equal to one million fewer tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, the society said Wednesday. And debris wood that would have filled more than 68,000 logging trucks has been used instead for the making of wood pellets and other products, the society says. “With the help of 66 projects funded in 2023, B.C. is taking necessary steps in battling climate change and becoming more resilient in the face of worsening wildfire seasons,” Minister of Forests Bruce Ralston said in a release.

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