Did John Horgan’s office help shape First Nation response to Fairy Creek protests?

By Vaughn Palmer
The Vancouver Sun
December 21, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

John Horgan

VICTORIA — During the long standoff over old-growth logging at Fairy Creek, Premier John Horgan often reminded protesters that the local First Nation had asked them to leave. He quoted a statement from the Pacheedaht First Nation discouraging “third party activism” on its traditional territory and asking to be “left in peace.” …Horgan’s office had advance knowledge of the Pacheedaht statement on the Fairy Creek protests. The premier’s staff may even have had a hand in strengthening the wording of the statement, judging from the recent release of a document obtained under freedom of information laws. One reason for suspecting the premier’s office is because the New Democrats fought long and hard against the release of the document. The full story of the long-delayed release is set out in an article in this month’s issue of the Walrus magazine by B.C.-based freelance reporter Jimmy Thomson.

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