Discussing a sustainable, profitable lumber industry in Nova Scotia

By Zack MetCalfe, environmental journalist
The Chronicle Herald
November 13, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Zack Metcalfe

Since the forest funeral held in Halifax Grand Parade, Thursday, Oct. 19, I’ve heard quite a bit of criticism, some directed at the character of the people who participated and others at myself for having written favourably about the event. These comments, rarely constructive, painted with a wide brush a considerable number of Nova Scotians who have extremely valid concerns over the state and treatment of our forests, thus the struggling wildlife so often featured in this column. …There are very few Nova Scotians, even among the marchers of Oct. 19, who believe forestry as a whole should come to a halt or that we should abstain from its products. Much like those driving gasoline cars or riding diesel buses, myself among them, to abstain from these omnipresent products would mean no longer participating in Canadian society. That, obviously, is no solution.

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