Do sasquatch exist? Bigfoot believer takes B.C. gov’t to court

By Glenda Luymes
Vancouver Sun
October 26, 2017
Category: Froggy Foibles
Region: Canada

Big Foot?

A sasquatch tracker from Golden aims to take the provincial government to court to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt (or a guy in a gorilla suit) that the legendary creature roams the B.C. wilderness. In a civil lawsuit filed in B.C. Supreme Court on Monday, Todd Standing accused the B.C. Ministry of Environment and B.C. Fish and Wildlife Branch of “dereliction of duty pertaining to the interests of an indigenous wildlife species.” The Bigfoot researcher said he will provide physical evidence, video and eyewitness accounts to prove the hairy primate’s existence. …He told a story about a group he was studying near Morley Creek that got “skinny and weak, and eventually disappeared.” “When I explored the area further I discovered that there had been extensive logging,” he said.

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