Don’t blame the trees! Saving forests is still the best way to save the planet

By John W Reid and Paulo Moutinho
The Guardian
December 20, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: International

Some have recently questioned whether forests really are the climate solution they have long been held to be. This is because some emit great quantities of carbon, while the markets set up to finance them have stumbled. But there is no pathway to a livable climate without saving our intact forests, regrowing some, and finding a more straightforward way to pay for them than carbon offset projects. A 2021 study led by Brazilian scientists established that the Amazon was emitting more carbon dioxide than it was absorbing. The paper mirrored a 2019 analysis of Canadian forests, which showed they had been net emitters since 2001. …Globally, however, forests continue adding vastly more carbon than they are losing. The other challenge to forests’ reputation is the carbon-offset markets set up to finance tree protection and planting. …As a second priority, we need to bring forests back. About half of the globe’s woods have been cleared

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