Don’t ignore the policy ideas offered by B.C. Greens

By Sonia Furstenau, BC Green Party Leader
The Times Colonist
April 25, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Sonia Furstenau

The April 20 editorial “In this election, Eby should be put to the test,” notes that the official Opposition “has an obligation, a responsibility, to provide cohesive policy alternatives in the next election” and then laments that “this is not happening.” While this critique rings true for much of British Columbia’s political sphere, it overlooks the efforts of the B.C. Green Party. …Take, for example… the NDP’s plan to use public land for housing is weakened by their willingness to let for-profit private developers use that land. …One of our best defences against climate change is protection of the last remaining old growth forests in this province, yet the NDP has dragged its feet on implementing the Old Growth Review Panel’s recommendations. We saw an increase in the logging of old growth in 2021 — despite all the rhetoric from this government, the destruction of these ancient forests has continued.

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