Drax: UK power station still burning rare forest wood

By Joe Crowley
BBC Panorama
February 28, 2024
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, International

Drax power company has received £6bn in UK green subsidies from burning wood from some of the world’s most precious forests. Papers obtained by BBC Panorama show Drax took timber from rare forests in Canada it had claimed were “no go areas”. It comes as the government decides whether to give the firm’s Yorkshire site billions more in environmental subsidies. Drax says its wood pellets are “sustainable and legally harvested”. The Drax Power Station … is a key part of the government’s drive to meet its climate targets. …electricity produced from burning pellets is classified as renewable and treated as emission-free. ..Ecologist Michelle Connolly, from the British Columbia campaign group Conservation North, says making pellets from old forests can never be sustainable. “Old-growth forests in British Columbia are almost gone because of 70 years of logging to feed sawmills and pulp mills, and Drax is helping push our remaining ones off the cliff,” she says.

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