Drug gang members arrested in Spain for trade in cocaine soaked wood pellets

Dutch News
April 9, 2024
Category: Froggy Foibles

Spanish police have arrested five members of a drugs gang… whose members had hit upon a “very sophisticated method” to hide the drugs by impregnating 16 tonnes of wood pellets used as fuel for wood burning stoves with liquid cocaine, local paper Diari de Tarragona said. Police discovered that the pellets, which had entered the country legally from South America to Spain in sea containers, were stored for three months to “cool off” before being taken to a place where the drugs were extracted. The premises had been watched for months when a lorry with a foreign number plate arrived to pick up a load of pellets and police sprung into action. In all, 920 bags of pellets, each weighing 18 kilos, were found. 

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