Education key in understanding lumber industry

By Stacie Carroll, Federation of Nova Scotia Woodland Owners
The Chronicle Herald
November 16, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

As I look around at folks who carry paper protest signs on sticks and ask you to bring tissues to an event that celebrates the death of a renewable resource — while eating their cardboard-packaged granola bars, holding their paper coffee cups and carrying a large wooden coffin — I start to wonder where the logic has all gone. How did we get so detached from the things we use every single day? …By biting the hand that feeds them and by using emotional stimuli, the organizers of these types of protests continue to confuse the public and don’t communicate facts that help Nova Scotians understand forests, forestry and the renewable resource management, which are a major contributor to the financial stability of this province. There are more forests in this province than there were 100 years ago despite there being twice the population.

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