Embrace natural solutions for climate change problem

By Justin Adams, Nature Conservancy
The Japan Times
November 24, 2017
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

OXFORD, ENGLAND – In response to climate change, land is key. Today, agriculture, forestry and other land uses account for roughly a quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions. But adopting sustainable land management strategies could provide more than one-third of the near-term emission reductions needed to keep warming well below the target. …Some of the most promising ways to mitigate climate change are what we call “natural climate solutions”: the conservation, restoration and improved management of land, in order to increase carbon storage or avoid greenhouse gas emissions in landscapes worldwide. …Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship can also help power change. New processes… changes in the construction industry, which is turning to more efficiently produced products like cross-laminated timber, can help reduce carbon pollution.

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