Environmentalists reject B.C. claim of ‘unprecedented’ old-growth deferral

By Wolf Depner
Victoria News
May 29, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

The Wilderness Committee is accusing the B.C. government of delays when it comes to protecting old-growth following the release of a forestry progress report. But government says that reports details “unprecedented action” to conserve B.C.’s oldest forests. …Forests Minister Bruce Ralston defends the report and the pace of the work.”Our work includes unprecedented action to conserve our oldest forests through the $1-billion agreement with Ottawa and First Nations, expand actions to prevent wildfires and improve mapping, data and forest research,” he said. Ralston’s ministry also points out that ending all old-growth logging was not among the recommendation of the review, adding that the review specifically stated some harvesting in some areas was possible and necessary. …“Ultimately, the B.C. government is attempting to thread the needle and appear as if they are taking action by discussing intentions on old growth logging while neglecting to follow through with real action,” Tobyn Neame, a forest campaigner said.

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