EPA rule would needlessly hurt Wisconsin’s paper industry

By Scott Suder, President, Wisconsin Paper Council
January 17, 2024
Category: Health & Safety
Region: United States, US East

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is preparing new air quality regulations. The new rule will have significant and adverse impacts on manufacturing, including Wisconsin’s paper industry, a major driver of the local economy. The EPA is poised to lower the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for fine particulate matter. But the agency’s proposal does little to address some of the largest sources of particulate matter, and it fails to acknowledge a decades-long trend of declining ambient air levels of fine particulate matter. …To start, fine particulate matter is emitted by a variety of sources. Major emitters include wildfires, road dust and exhaust fumes. These sources account for nearly 84% of all emissions of fine particulate matter. Yet the EPA’s proposed rule does not account for these sources and their public health impact. …The American Forest and Paper Association has shared these concerns in a letter to the White House.

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