Everyone can be a tree hugger

By Marisca Bakker
The Interior News
May 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

There are a lot of quirky days designed to remember certain things. For instance… May 16 was Love a Tree Day. I think that is something we can all get behind. …My children and I recently watched The Lorax… it is a cute film with a good message. We need to protect the trees. …Wait, before you send me hate mail. I truly believe our country can have a thriving logging industry and we can protect our forests. The two aren’t mutually exclusive. The forest sector contributed $5.6 billion to the provincial GDP in 2020. …It is the a cornerstone of our economy. The BC Chamber recently said the opportunity for BC to support an inclusive, sustainable and competitive forest sector is significant. …On the other hand, a step the federal government has promised to take, is not taking root.

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