Experts reveal sustainable approach to generate power from waste wood

By Mrigakshi Dixit
Interesting Engineering
February 14, 2024
Category: Wood, Paper & Green Building
Region: International

Researchers discovered a novel method for converting waste heat into power using sustainable Irish wood products. According to the University of Limerick experts, this is a sustainable strategy that reduces expenses and environmental impact. The study shows the effective generation of electricity utilizing “low-grade heat recovered from lignin-derived membranes.” …Low-grade heat is defined as thermal energy generated at temperatures below 200 degrees Celsius. …“Despite its potential, utilizing low-grade thermal energy in energy harvesting applications has been challenging due to the lack of cost-effective technologies,” added Maurice Collins, professor of materials science at UL’s School of Engineering. …Lignin is a commonly neglected residue of wood in paper and pulp manufacture. The researchers found that these membranes may transform waste heat into electricity by harnessing the movement of charged atoms (ions) within the material. …This is said to be the first lignin-based membrane for ionic thermoelectric energy harvesting.

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