Extra funding will be provided to Colorado for fighting wildfires

By Patrick Huston
February 18, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

The federal government is providing $37 million to Colorado to safeguard the environment and reduce the likelihood of wildfires. The Biden Administration revealed on Thursday that it is increasing spending for wildfire prevention. This year, the Forest Service intends to concentrate on 16,000 acres. Investment assistance is provided via the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act and the Inflation Reduction Act. “We’ve known what we wanted to do for a very long time, but we haven’t had the money to achieve it. This money is generational. And we are aware that in order to lower the community’s danger of wildfire, we must collaborate with partners to determine the best locations and times to carry out this activity “said Frank Beum, a regional forester for the Forest Service. The Forest Service’s 10-year wildfire catastrophe strategy includes all of this. The initiative received more than $18 million and looked after 11,000 acres last year.

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