Federal Wildland Firefighter Health and Wellbeing Program update

By Deputy Chief John Crockett
US Department of Agriculture
May 3, 2024
Category: Health & Safety
Region: United States

John Crockett

Wildland firefighters face fire years that are longer and more destructive than ever before. They experience firsthand the impacts these incidents have on the American people. Their jobs are physically demanding. The environments where they work are full of hazards. At the same time, they spend extended time away from friends and family. This can be socially isolating and cause difficulties in marriages, friendships and relationships with children and other family members. All these factors contribute to significantly higher rates of mental, behavioral and physical health issues. We are aware of that and are committed to taking care of our employees. During next week’s observance of Employee Wellbeing Week, U.S. Public Health Service Commander Dana Lee, Wildland Firefighter Behavioral Health Program, will provide an overview of the program’s mission, services and initiatives aimed at supporting the mental health and emotional resilience of wildland firefighters.

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