Feinstein & Wyden: How to stop the next deadly fire

By Dianne Feinstein, Senator and Ron Wyden, Senator
CNN in KBZK.com
October 24, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Dianne Feinstein

Ron Wyden

Over the last two weeks, the nation’s attention has been on California, which has suffered the most destructive series of wildfires in recent history. …While fires still blaze across the West, the immediate focus must be containing fires, evacuating communities at risk and providing temporary food and shelter.  …But once those immediate needs are addressed, we need to examine the long-term implications of this year’s horrendous fire season. Simply put, we need to change how Congress funds federal agencies in charge of forest health and wildfire suppression — the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management — so they can use their budgets to manage public lands more effectively. …Putting an end to fire borrowing will allow the Forest Service to use its fire prevention funds for their intended purpose: clearing hazardous fuels in our forests and completing other forest management activities, such as processing environmental reviews for areas impacted by insects and disease.

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