Fertile soil: The growing world of forest conservation finance

By Spencer Meyer
November 13, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US East

Have you seen the brilliant crimson and amber of fall foliage in New England? …But our vibrant forests are at risk. New Englanders are losing 65 acres of forest per day, or 24,000 acres per year, to dispersed and fragmented residential and commercial development. …In September, Harvard Forest, Highstead and New England Forestry Foundation published a new report: Wildlands and Woodlands, Farmlands and Communities: Broadening the Vision for New England. …At its core, the vision is about maintaining the natural infrastructure that provides us with the critical goods and services we need in our communities. These include clean air and water, outdoor recreation, wood products and local food. Fortunately, we can choose to protect these assets and use Smart Growth principles to grow our economic base without sacrificing our farms and forests.

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