Finding Climate Fixes in the Boundary Bay Marsh

By Michelle Gamage
The Tyee
February 7, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: Canada, Canada West

DELTA, BC — Fighting climate change and helping coastal communities adapt to rising sea levels … can be as simple as clearing logs from a tidal salt marsh. That’s the goal of the Boundary Bay Tidal Marsh Restoration Project, which will cost closer to six figures, says Eric Balke, senior restoration biologist with Ducks Unlimited Canada. …Salt marshes are big carbon sinks, they absorb carbon as salt-resistant grasses, bushes and scrubby trees grow between the low to very high-tide mark. …To help restore Boundary Bay tidal marsh, Ducks Unlimited Canada is removing logs that have washed in at high tides and piled against the dike. These logs have escaped from log booms. They tumble up on the shore “like rolling pins” and crush plant life during different tides or storm events. …In the ’80s logs were burned on the beach. This time they’ll become pellets at the Surrey Biofuel Facility to fuel the city of Merritt. 

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