Fiona debris fuelling concerns about forest fires

By Sheehan Desjardins and Maggie Brown
CBC News
February 23, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Prince Edward Island’s legislated fire season starts March 15, and forestry officials are concerned that debris from post-tropical storm Fiona has created conditions that could lead to more forest fires.  The storm took down a lot of trees when it swept across the Island in September.  While many of the larger trees have been cleaned up, there are still lots that were damaged, and plenty of branches and smaller pieces of wood piled up. That’s something Mike Montigny calls fuel loading. He’s the manager of field services for the Department of Environment’s forests, fish and wildlife division. …”We’re going to be working with the volunteer fire brigades, the municipalities, the fire marshal’s office to help landowners… reduce that fire load around their houses,” he said.  Montigny said the department is using a fire smart program, and there are resources available online.

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