Fire crews continue to monitor northeast fire situation

CBC News
October 10, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada East

Despite a quiet forest fire season in northeastern Ontario, forest rangers are still out in the bush keeping an eye on the situation. The season isn’t officially over until Oct. 31. Fire information officer Isabelle Chenard says the public should keep that in mind when outdoors. …Chenard says due to the quiet forest fire season in Ontario, this province was able to send staff and resources to other areas to help. In total, 1,040 aviation, forest fire and emergency services staff members were sent from Ontario to assist. Most were sent to British Columbia, however Chenard says equipment and staff were also sent to Manitoba, Alberta and Montana as well. She says the coordination of resources is done by a centre in Manitoba. “We have established agreements between our country’s provinces that allow for movement of staff interprovincially when the need arises,” she said. “So how it works basically is that a province that’s seeing increased fire activity like BC this year can place requests … for either equipment to fight fire at the ground level, for aircraft assistance … or for boots on the ground.”

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