Fisherman slams proposed pulp mill treatment plant as “cancer factory”

By Fram Dinshaw
The New Glasgow News
November 5, 2017
Category: Business & Politics
Region: Canada, Canada East

NEW GLASGOW – A Merigomish fisherman denounced a possible effluent treatment plant at Northern Pulp as a “cancer factory,” after a meeting with local politicians Sunday. Joey Savoie, who sails out of Lismore, said that fishing in the Northumberland Strait is already subject to heavy restrictions such as avoiding one zone contaminated with salt, a natural material. But the proposed treatment plant may add to his woes by pumping treated effluent into the Northumberland, Strait after the current wastewater lagoon at Boat Harbour is shut down in three years. “It’s a lot of livelihoods on the line. It’s not safe. It’s a cancer factory,” said Savoie. A delegation of local fishermen and First Nations discussed these concerns and others with Nova Scotia Environment Minister Iain Rankin, Central Nova MP Sean Fraser and Pictou West MLA Karla MacFarlane. Northern Pulp said in a statement last week that wastewater would undergo a new activated sludge treatment process including aeration, clarification and recycle stages in a new plant on its mill site. Only then will effluent be released into the sea.

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