Fonterra and Genesis want to use wood instead of coal for heating and electricity

By Gerhard Uys
Stuff New Zealand
February 9, 2023
Category: Carbon, Climate & Bioenergy
Region: International

Genesis Energy and Fonterra want to use wood biomass to generate electricity and heat. Genesis interim chief executive Tracey Hickman said the companies signed an agreement to work together and explore the viability of biomass as a substitute for coal. The possibility of a domestic biomass supply chain would also be investigated. The companies had signed a biomass collaboration agreement as they looked for an alternative fuel source to help decarbonise the businesses, she said. The agreement came ahead of a trial to burn biomass at Genesis’ Huntly Power Station next week, Hickman said. …The biomass used in the trial was black torrefied biomass was made from tree sawdust. The process created a solid and uniform pellets that had about 30% more energy than raw biomass, Hickman said. Burned torrefied biomass generally produced less than 10% of the emissions of coal, she said.

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