Forest activist blocks logging in Freshwater, California

By Jackson Guilfoil
Eureka Times-Standard
February 21, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Freshwater California — On Sunday, an anti-logging activist suspended himself via nets and rope in a contraption called a sky pod in a thicket of trees located in Freshwater in an effort to prevent Humboldt Redwood Company from cutting down the trees.  The activist, Aristotle, also began a hunger strike in order to protest the planned logging and said via a news release from Lost Coast Forest Action that he was taking supplements that would allow him to live without food for months. His location ground the planned logging to a halt, and a spokesperson for Humboldt Redwood Company said they were evaluating how to respond. …John Andersen, a spokesperson for Humboldt Redwood Company, said that he did not know how much money his company was losing per day, but he said the harvest plan covers approximately 1% of the Freshwater watershed and would not affect nearby threatened species, such as the northern spotted owl.

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