Forest claims exaggerated

Letter by Blair Moody, CF, Fellow, Society of American Foresters
Mail Tribune
November 8, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Blair Moody

Recently, the House passed the Resilient Federal Forests Act, of which Rep. Greg Walden is a supporter as are other Republicans and Democrats across the nation. A local environmentalist is “terrified” that Walden would support the act. This environmentalist makes some exaggerated and misleading claims about local areas of notoriety being “slicked off,” although he knows darn well he and his cronies wouldn’t allow that to happen, nor will the established laws already protecting these areas. What he claims may happen in Section 913 is nothing more than clarification and reaffirmation of the existing O&C Act of Aug. 28, 1937 which, among other mandates, does call for permanent forest production, something the BLM hasn’t been able to accomplish lately due to various required legal environmental and wildlife regulations, all of which he supports.

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