Forest Enhancement Society of BC Newsletter

Forest Enhancement Society of BC
August 31, 2023
Category: Forestry
Region: Canada, Canada West

Many forests, wildlife species and ecosystems in British Columbia are fire-dependent. This means they need fire to revitalize the ecosystems. For thousands of years, fires have varied in frequency, size, severity, and duration. …British Columbia is striving to manage wildfire risk at three levels: Hardening homes and buildings, including reducing nearby flammable materials; Reducing the concentration and arrangement of trees adjacent to communities in the Wildland Urban Interface; and managing fire as part of natural ecosystem function. FESBC has been working with a number of other organizations to provide funding and resources to assist communities in British Columbia in reducing their risk of catastrophic wildfires while learning to live naturally with fire. “With provincial funding, FESBC has supported projects of many types that help First Nations and communities protect themselves against wildfire risks. We hope to see these efforts and collaborations continue,” said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Forests.

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