Forest fire in Los Alerces National Park is ‘out of control’

Buenos Aires Herald
January 28, 2024
Category: Forest Fires
Region: International

ARGENTINA — An ongoing wildfire has swept at least 577 hectares of forest in Los Alerces National Park, Chubut province. The fire is “out of control,” according to fire brigade authorities, while strong winds and intense heat are making the situation worse. Provincial and national fire brigades are working to prevent the fire from reaching nearby towns such as Esquel and Trevelin. The flames are torching the native forest area, which was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2017… the fire first broke out on Thursday in two separate locations, very near to each other, and merged as flames spread. It is currently affecting the Centinela Creek area inside the national park, although the fire has now spread beyond the park’s borders. Mario Cárdenas, head of the local fire department, told Télam on Saturday that it is “out of control” and expected that it would take several days to subdue.

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