Forest Service fire experts blocked from attending major fire conference

By Rob Chaney
The Missoulian
November 1, 2017
Category: Forestry
Region: United States, US West

Matt Jolly

Several of Missoula’s top federal fire scientists have been denied permission to attend the International Fire Congress later this month, leading conference organizers to suspect censorship of climate-related research. “Anyone who has anything related to climate-change research — right away was rejected,” said Timothy Ingalsbee of the Association for Fire Ecology, a nonprofit group putting on the gathering. “Most of the folks from the Missoula fire lab, the vanguard entity in the Forest Service — all but a handful got cut. We were expecting about 44 scientists from the Rocky Mountain Research Station, and only six or seven have been permitted to attend,” Ingalsbee said. …“As a leader of scientists and manager of climate science research, that’s simply not true.” Hardy said the Forest Service allowed his lab to send six people to the Orlando conference. He had 20 applicants.

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