Forest Service Urged to Strengthen Protections for Mature, Old-Growth Forests in Draft Plan

Center for Biological Diversity
June 21, 2024
Category: Forestry
Region: United States

WASHINGTON— A coalition of environmental groups called on the U.S. Forest Service today to strengthen protections for the nation’s mature and old-growth forests and trees. The move came in response to the agency’s release of a draft environmental impact statement with proposals that could conserve old-growth across all national forests. This is the most recent step in response to President Biden’s 2022 executive order to develop policies to protect mature and old-growth forests on federal lands. …A 90-day public comment period for the draft environmental impact statement closes Sept. 20. Mature and old-growth forests store huge amounts of carbon. They also contain essential habitats and clean water and feature highly fire-resilient trees. …protecting these forests is critical to preventing the worst consequences of climate change. The vast majority of old-growth forests have already been logged. 

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